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We provide business operators and land developers a ranking list of suitable locations based on owner criteria. We may likewise assist with contract negotiations.

We collect and analyze data relevant to a business owner’s, or developer’s, project. We then deliver a deal book which, if desired, can be used to help secure project debt and equity.

Once target markets, project location, and preliminary budgets have been identified and developed, the project’s attributes and appropriate designers can be selected. At this stage, design parameters and teams are set. With input from regulators, financiers, and community leaders, the project’s physical form takes shape.

Managing a developer’s design team, we can propose third-party professionals and consultants as needed, to navigate routine layers of regulatory bodies, as we obtain necessary permits and design components needed to bid construction.

Given our substantial expertise in geotechnics and remediation, and strong relationships with leading consultants and contractors, we can manage and/ or contract to remediate, say, brownfields and contaminated buildings in a fashion that meets, or exceeds, regulations. This also gives owners a cost-effective and timely solution.